Basic knowledge of power line


Basic knowledge of power line

Time:2018-01-24 23:17

The power line is produced every day, the power line is 100 thousand meters per day, and the plug is 50 thousand. Such huge data, its production process must be very stable and mature. Through continuous exploration and research and the European VDE certification body, the national standard CCC
The certification authority, the UL certification body of the United States, the British BS certification body and the SAA certification institution of Australia have recognized the power cord plug.


1. power wire copper and aluminum monofilament
The copper and aluminum rods commonly used in power supply line, at room temperature, use wire drawing machine to stretch the die holes of one or several ways to reduce the section, increase length and strength. Drawing is the first process of the wire and cable companies, the primary technological parameters is drawing die technology.
2. power wire monofilament annealing
Copper and aluminum monofilaments, when heated to a certain temperature, improve the toughness of monofilaments and reduce the strength of monofilaments by recrystallization, so as to fit the requirements of wire and cable to conductor cores. The key is to eradicate the copper oxide annealing process.
3. power wire conductor stranding
In order to improve the flexibility of the power line to facilitate the laying device, the conducting wire core accepts a number of monofilament strands. It can be divided into the rule twisted and the non - rule stranding in the way of the wire core stranding. The rules are divided into non twisted strands, one cutter, special twisted etc.. In order to reduce the occupied area of the conductor and reduce the geometric size of the power supply line, the twisted conductor is also pressed by a compact way to make the popular circle change into a semicircle, a sector, a tile shape and a compacted circle. The conductor is first used in the power line.
4. power cord insulated extrusion
The plastic power line is mainly used to squeeze the solid insulating layer, and the primary technical requirements for plastic insulation extrusion are:
4.1. eccentric degree: extruded insulation thickness deviation value is mainly marking art work performance crowded degree, most of the product structure and size deviation values were clear rules in the specification.
4.2. lubrication: the exterior of the extruded insulating layer is required to be lubricated, and the bad quality of the rough, scorched and impurity is not presented.
4.3. Extrusion insulation layer density: cross-sectional to dense strong, visible from the pinhole, eradicate the bubbles.
5. power line line forming
In order to cover the shape of the molding and reduce the shape of the power line, the multi core power line needs to be twisted into a circle. The mechanism of the stranding is similar to that of the conductor stranding, because the joint diameter is larger, and most of them are used without retreating. Cable technical requirements: one is to eradicate the special-shaped insulating wire core rolled by cable twisting; the two is to avoid the insulating layer is scratched.
The whole cable is also completed in two other processes: one is filling, the cable is round and intact, and the other is binding, and the core is not relaxed.
6. inner protection layer
In order to maintain the insulated wire core was not armoured have had injuries, need proper maintenance of the insulating layer, an inner protective layer: extruded inner protecting layer (sleeve) and wrapped in protective layer (layer). The replacement of the bandage belt with the wrapping layer is synchronized with the cable forming process.
7. power line armor
Laying on the underground power supply line, the necessary positive pressure effect can be accepted in the task, and the inner steel belt armoured structure can be selected. Power line laying in both positive pressure effect and tension effect places (such as water, vertical shaft or big drop in soil), structure type should be selected with internal steel wire armoured.
8. power cord outer sheath
The outer sheath is a part of the structure that maintains the insulation layer of the power line to avoid the corrosion of the condition elements. The first effect of the outer sheath is to improve the mechanical strength of the power line, prevent chemical erosion, moisture-proof, waterproofing and immersion, and prevent the power line from burning. According to the differences in the power line, the plastic extruding machine is used to squeeze the plastic sheath directly.

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