UL power line


UL power line

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The plug: 120V 50/60HZ is divided into two core wire, three core wire and polar, non polar, and the power plug copper sheet to the United States must have rubber bushes.
The line of the two core lines is a fire line, the pin of the polar plug is zero line, and the small foot is a fire line (the concave convex surface of the power supply line is zero and the line round surface is the fire line).
(2) type of electric power line: NISPT-2 double layer insulated flat line, SPT-1W single layer insulation belt groove flat line, SJTW waterproof power line, SJTO anti oil power line, etc.
Unconventional power line plug
NISPT-2:NISPT said the double insulation surface -2 two core wire core insulation insulation;
XTV and SPT: the single layer insulation layer, the two core line of the -2 surface (the groove of the line body with the outer insulating copper core conductor);
SPT-3: a single layer of insulation with ground wire, -3 three core line (line body with a groove, the middle of the ground is double insulation);
Both SPT and NISPT are flat lines, and SVT is circular double layer insulation. Insulation outer insulation of wire core
There is no direct UL pattern on the plug. For example, E233157 E236618
The beauty of the plug line and the European plug line are different.
The European plug is represented by "H".
How many lines are used by the American rules: 2 x 1.31mm2 (16AWG), 2 x 0.824mm2 (18AWG): VW-1 (or HPN) 60 C (or 105 C) 300V
2: the number of line core;
1.31 or 0.824 mm2: representing the cross section area of the wire core;
16AWG: the section area of the line core mode is corresponding to the same mm2.
VW-1 or HPN:VW-1 is PVC material; HPN: neoprene material
The temperature resistance of the power line at 60 or 150.
300V: the voltage resistance of the power line is different from that of the European regulations (the European regulations are 03 or 05).



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