UL 3 plug


UL 3 plug

Current Rating:10A,13A,15A 125V
Cable Type:SVT 18AWG×3C SJTW 18-14AWG×3C SJTO 18-14AWG×3C SJTOW 18-14AWG×3C SJTOOW 18-14AWG×3C SJT 18-14AWG×3C

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UL general gauge power plug usually uses the certification number and does not directly play the UL pattern on the plug. How many lines do the US regulations use, such as: 2 x 1.31mm2 (16AWG), 2 x 0.824mm2 (18AWG): VW-1 (or HPN), 60 degrees (or 105 degrees) 300V.

1.31 or 0.824 mm2: representing the cross section area of the wire core;

16AWG: the section area of the line core mode is corresponding to the same mm2.

VW-1 or HPN:VW-1 PVC m square meters for material chloroprene rubber material;

The temperature resistance of the power line at 60 or 150.

300V: the voltage resistance of the power line is different from that of the European regulation (the European regulations are 03 or 05).

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