VDE 3 plug


VDE 3 plug

Current Rating:16A 250V
Cable Type:H03VV-F 3×0.5-0.75mm² H05VV-F 3×0.75-1.5mm² H05RR-F 3×0.75-1.5mm² H05RN-F 3×0.75-1.0mm²

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The European standard power outlet is a three - stage double - sided earthing plug bracket.
The European standard power socket is also called the socket inner mold, the plug inner frame, the plug fittings, the plug inner liner, the plug pin, the plug skeleton, the plug fittings, the plug bridge and the plug connector.
The European standard power outlet can be applied to the following countries:
Egypt, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Iran, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Cameroon, Croatia, Madagascar, Luxemburg, Morocco, Macedonia, Holland, Norway, Austria, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Hungary, vietnam.

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